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Character List
Timothy Hamner - Tim is the amateur astronomer that first discovered the comet that would end civilization on Earth. He named the comet Hamner-Brown, after himself and another boy who discovered the comet at the same time as he did. Hamner is always willing to tell anyone who will listen about his comet and is trying to promote it by creating a documentary series about it. After Hammerfall, Tim flees into the mountains towards his observatory, only to be turned away by people who have taken it over. Then he and his new wife Eileen have to decide what they are going to do in this new world with no law and order.
Arthur Clay Jellison - A United States Senator from California, Jellison becomes the leader of anyone who survived Hammerfall. His ranch becomes a safe haven from the outside, which is full of people with guns ready to kill people over a can of food or a piece of bread. Jellison's ranch becomes a microcosm for the world before Hammerfall. Within this oasis there are people who are willing to work in order to insure that they will live through the upcoming winter. Arthur is the go to guy regarding any affair and he has to approve anything that happens within the ranch.
Harvey Randall - Harvey worked as a Producer-Director for NBS Television before the comet hit. He worked with Tim Hamner in helping promote the documentaries regarding Hamner-Brown. However after the comet hit, Randall flees into the mountains to evade the catastrophic flooding that occurred as a result of the comet hitting. He eventually finds Senator Jellison's ranch and becomes one of the many workers that live there.
Sergeant Thomas - A member of the United States Army before Hammerfall, afterwards he and some other members of the army form a fierce gang. Because they were part of the army, they have an entire armory to work with. Even though it was only about one month since Hammerfall, they have already resorted to cannibalism as a means to survive. Sergeant Thomas is the leader of this group that kills almost anyone in its path if they have any type of food, or equally important gasoline.
Harry Newcombe - An extremely amicable guy, Harry worked as a U.S. Postal Carrier in the days where civilization still reigned. He always had a smile on his face when he would deliver the mail and the people would always invite him inside for a cup of tea or coffee. Even after Hammerfall, Harry continues to deliver the mail even though he knows that no one is going to check it. Perhaps this is because he wants a return to normalcy. He is an extremely dedicated and hard working individual.
Brigadier Pieter Jakov - Jakov is a Russian astronaut that is sent up into space along with several other American and Russian astronauts to observe Hamner-Brown so they could analyze it. The Russian and American astronauts are constantly bickering about their countries, though they learn to live with one another since they depend so heavily upon each other in zero gravity. The astronauts are the ones that alert people on the ground that Hamner-Brown is going to crash onto the Earth. Jakov is the leader of the Russian astronauts.
Gordon Vance - Harvey's neighbor. He owns a bank in L.A. that is going bankrupt. He takes his son, Andy Randall and some boy scouts to the mountains for a hike the day before the comet is supposed to hit. He forms his own society up in the Sierra's with the scouts. The social system changes drastically, each man is paired up with a scout and they become married in a sense. Age is not important, Gordon, a middle aged man, is with Stacy who is only sixteen years old.
Andy Randall - Harvey Randall's son. He goes on a hike with Gordon Vance before the day before the comet was supposed to hit. When his father Harvey is reunited with him, he refuses to go with his father. He had been brainwashed by Gordy to stay there where he was highly respected among his peers. Though it was only a couple weeks after Hammerfall, he has already forgotten what society was like before the comet hit.
John Baker - One of the American astronauts that went into space to collect comet samples. He was also the first black man that ever went into space. Also he secretly loved Senator Jellison's daughter, Maureen. He sacrifices himself in order to save the nuclear power plant from the New Brotherhood Army.
Eileen Hancock - A long time friend of Tim Hamner's. She is the assistant manager of a plumbing supplies store in Burbank California. She meets up with Hamner the day the comet hits. Tim and she were married after Hammerfall since they spent so much time together and grew to really like each other.
The Reverend Henry Armitage - Reverend Armitage is an extremely influential leader over the New Brotherhood Army. He is a great speaker and is excellent at winning over converts for his movement. Senator Jellison's ranch and Armitage's army are at war with each other over the nuclear power plant which is vital to each of their people's survival. Armitage gains followers by threatening to chop them up and cook them in a stew if they do not join him. He is true to his word.
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